How Your Bathroom Can Add Value to Your Home


When you’re looking to sell up, you’ll understandably want a decent return on investment. Many people will consider sprucing up their properties and may even decide to remodel. However, you don’t need to spend a fortune on home improvement in order to make your home more appealing to potential buyers.

Some homeowners may make a significant change such as adding a swimming pool to try and boost the value of their home but the cost of running a swimming pool may in fact put off some potential buyers and can even devalue the house. It’s far better to focus on existing rooms in the home and work with what you have – in particular the bathroom.

Traditionally, kitchens were the homebuyers focal point when choosing a home, however from 2011 bathrooms became more important to buyers than kitchens. According to the National Association of Homebuilders (NAHB) even a half bathroom will add significant value to your home. Bathrooms can add up to 20% on the value of a property and even a half bath may add up to 10.5 %.

One of the best ways to add value is to add a second bathroom or ensuite. If you are considering adding a new bathroom, don’t replace an existing bedroom to make space, as this can devalue the property. A better choice would be to create an en-suite in a large master bedroom. Adding a master bathroom will add a substantial amount onto your house. Buyers look for master suites complete with his and her sinks, spacious showers and plenty of room. Adding in different amenities such as heated floors, whirlpool baths and power showers will also make your bathroom more appealing. Even smaller accessories such as a new set of taps, a heated chrome towel rail, glass door instead of a curtain will all make large differences.

Potential buyers need to be able to visualise themselves in there and so neutral colours are a good option as it acts as a blank canvas. You don’t have to completely remodel in order to make your bathroom more appealing. Making some small changes will have the desired effect. When it comes to making your home stand out to buyers, a deep clean will go a long way. Clean in between tiles and re-grout if needed. Get rid of any old towels and bath mats and keep the bathroom looking like a showroom as much as possible, as this is more aspirational. A new toilet seat and a pedestal sink are easy for homeowners to install and they make a remarkable difference to the look of the bathroom.

Get rid of old flooring particularly carpet, as this masks old smells and will turn buyers off. Putting down floor tiles will instantly make your bathroom look more sleek and expensive. Adding vinyl flooring is an inexpensive material and will instantly make your room look cleaner than old carpet.

If you have a period property or a period theme throughout your home, ensure your bathroom is in keeping with this. Victorian baths are particularly stylish and complete with a mini chandelier give a grandiose luxurious feel. Keep up the vintage period look with a traditional radiator made of cast iron which will give your bathroom a beautiful Victorian ambience.


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