Kids Bathroom Design Ideas


Kids are usually not fond of bathing. Parents always have a hard time waking up their children and bringing them to the bathroom to prepare for school. One way to end this problem is to do some makeover in the kid’s bathroom. You can spice up this area to make it more inviting to the children. Children are very visual and take delight in colorful designs. And so you need to create something exciting for them just like making your bathroom design kids-friendly. There are lots of ways that you can try in order to turn your bathroom an exciting place to be for your children.

Kids Bathroom Design Ideas

The first thing that you can do is to choose a theme for the bathroom. The most common are water-inspired themes where you can decorate the bathroom with marine creatures, mermaids, bubbles, and other ocean inspired designs.  You can also use exciting colors to blend with the theme that you have chosen. You can also update your towels and other linens to complement with the preferred theme. Children are also fond of bright colors and so you can use paint colors that are vibrant. You can also put their favorite characters on the wall so that they would totally love to hang around the bathroom. You can also toys that the children can play with while soaking in the tub. Make sure that these toys are safe though.

Aside from incorporating fun and interesting theme to your bathroom to make it more kids friendly, you should remember to keep the place safe and secure for the kids. Give them the access to bath soap and other essentials but always keep those chemicals and bathroom cleaners in a place where they cannot reach or do not have access.  Make sure to put mats on the floor which can prevent slippery surface. Bathroom accessories should be placed securely so that they cannot harm the kids in one way or another. Avoid sharp edges on your sink and counters. You can opt for rounded edges instead.

Allow the kids to have access to other bathroom essentials. You can lower down some hooks for the bath towel that children can easily get hold. Make sure that they have an easy access to toiletries including kids toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush and others.  Be open to the possibilities that bathrooms will be redecorated for some other time. This is because decorating a kids’ bathroom is a temporary project, soon your children will eventually grow up and their taste for designs will vary. But while they are still little kids, designing the bathroom is a fun project that your children will surely appreciate. Remember to keep the bathroom fun but not necessarily overdone with decorations. When opting for a design, always be mindful of the safety of children.




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