10 Tips to Keep your Bathroom Clutter Free


A bathroom should be a kept clean and neat. It should be the feeling of staying in bathroom, not it should be the feeling of quickly rushing out. Removing away the bathroom clutter is an important one as the messed up bathroom gives a bad impression to the guests. We don’t want our guest to dissatisfy with our bathroom interiors and we want to reflect a good and well maintained bathroom.

Clutter Free Bathroom Tips

Mentioned here are the tips on how you can keep your bathroom neat and clutter free –

  1. For a better bathroom, don’t try to put more things than the required in bathroom sink. It’s essential that you includes toothpaste, hand soup, face wash and shampoo but keeping all of your stocks makes it untidy and creates problems for you to go through daily cleaning of your bathroom. So too much of clutter in your bathroom sink is the sign of unclean bathroom and we advise you to keep it simple.
  2. Caboodle are great invention and they are good for fashionable organizing of your various bathroom accessories like make up, nail polish, hair accessories, shampoo. Many people try to keep two or three Caboodle in their bathroom and its fine if they still are happy to manage them. You should make sure that Caboodle are free from clutter as well otherwise they can easily mess up losing things.
  3. You should consider have a toilet paper roll holder  to make it task of grabbing the toilet paper roll whenever there is demand, you can easily pull down one even though you are sitting on the commode. So with that you no longer need to open the cupboards or search for the new fresh roll of toilet papers.
  4. If you have towel cabinets or containers in your bathroom then it’s very good as it can also avoid bathroom clutter and here in you can keep few bath towels hand towels and washed clothes as well. Also its important to clean your bathroom shower curtains as well.
  5. Flush the toilet every time you visit, never thing you are wasting water, infact you are keeping your bathroom cleaner. We advise you to clean it with the cleaner at least once in a week time and try to keep the toilet seat clean as well.
  6. If you find any leaks in the pipes or sewage or bath tubs then immediately call a plumber and get it fixed.
  7. It’s necessary to have a proper air circulation to your bathroom. If your bathroom has ventilator and its providing the fresh air then it’s well and good or else have an exhaust fan.
  8. Try to accommodate a dust bin your bathroom wherein you can dump all your wastes like soap covers, empty shampoo bottles, medicines and other items.
  9. Love your bathroom, you will understand what’s missing and how to keep it hygienic.
  10. Last but not the least, putting the things where they belong as it’s the good reason to keep your bathroom clutter free.

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