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How to Easily Clean Shower in 10 Minutes


Cleaning is a method to be performed by every one. Earlier cleaning was a tedious task but as the time passed many helpful ideas and equipment flourished, which makes cleaning easy.

All items that we use in our daily life activities in your home needs cleaning from time to time. Some of the cleaning activities should be done frequently such as kitchen, dinning room, sitting room, drawing room, bedroom and bathroom. Here in this article we are particularly concerned about cleaning your bathroom shower in just 10 minutes in a month.

Cleaning your bathroom includes cleaning toilet, tub, shower, sink, floors, wipe, drawers, cabinets, mirror. Cleaning them is hard and boring as it is difficult to manage every time. if we have to clean the shower then it’s irritating. We never feel to clean a shower as we become wet and troublesome in removing the cap of the shower. Here is one simple way to clean bathroom shower easily in simple steps.

Here are the three steps to clean a shower easily in 10 minutes –

Step 1: Assemble the equipment

Firstly for ever cleaning we have to collect some supplies required for the cleaning. As we are cleaning a bathroom shower we require a sponge, spray, a quality bristle brush and little hard work by you.

Step 2: Best time to do

Before we clean a shower, spray the shower with Scrubbing bubbles about 10 minutes before we get into the shower as the hard water stains form a layer, which makes difficult for the water to flow from the hole of the shower. And the hard water stains are easily visible on the tiles of the bathroom, so is spary on the tiles also.

Step 3: Shower Cleaning

Due to the scrubbing bubbles the hard water layer can easy to remove. Now start cleaning the shower with the sponge from the top down and then use quality bristle brush to clean the tiles, corners and all over the bathroom, if any places are left will cleaning with the sponge.

As the scrubbing is completed rinse the tiles, corners of the bathroom with water and drain the water.


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