6 Tips & Tricks for Keeping a Beautiful bathroom

When it comes to getting your home cleaned effectively, you will find that there are a couple of rooms in the house that can be a bit of a nightmare, as far as deep cleaning goes. One of these if the bathroom, and the other is the kitchen. Of course, the reason that these rooms are particularly hard to clean is because of the way in which they are used. It does seem ironic however, that the bathroom cleaning is such a large job when the room is used for cleaning yourself in! If you feel like there are better ways in which you could be cleaning the bathroom, but don’t know how, and don’t want to hire in a contract cleaner, then have a look over the following six tips for some ways that you may not have thought of in which to get the room cleaned.Women Cleaning Bathroom

1. Get an order going. You will find that the order in which you clean things will affect how quickly you can get the job done. You will find that the best way in which to ensure that you are never repeating yourself is to do things in an order that makes sense, for instance, only mopping the floor at the end of the process, to avoid splashing the clean floor with dirty water. If you are sensible about this order, then you will eventually work out an order that works for you, and you can apply it whenever you are getting round to the domestic cleaning.

2. Clean your bottles! The bottles in which your bathroom products are stored will often be a source of dirt in the room. You will find that leaking bottles can lead to a build up of the product on the surface that they are standing on, which will drip down the edges of shelves, and into the bath. This leads to off colored marks, and can even stain if not dealt with quickly enough. Clean up professionally all leaking bottles, and make sure that the caps are put back on safely when you are using them, to ensure that they don’t spill.Clean Bathroom Molds

3. Washing up liquid is an amazing product for the bathroom. You will find that it can sometimes work even better than cream cleaner, though few people ever try it out! Simply make up a shallow ‘bubble bath’ with the washing up liquid, and scrub the white surfaces from this lather, you should find that it cuts through grease and soap marks easily.

4. Open windows when you are finished in the bathroom to reduce the humidity in the room. This will immediately reduce the risk of damp and mold infesting the room, and you will find that the resulting effect will also clean up condensation on windows and mirrors, which reduces the need to smear them with your hand for a better view.

5. Have a bin in the bathroom at all times. If you don’t it means that you will be much more likely to leave empty bottles of product, or packets for things like razors lying about. Think about it, when you are using the bathroom, the last thing that you will be doing is thinking about taking the rubbish to the kitchen to put in the bin!

6. If you have large glass surfaces in the bathroom, like a shower door, then a squeegee can be a good thing to have in there. Simply running the squeegee from left to right, down the door will remove all water droplets, which will prevent them leaving water marks as they dry, which can look unsightly.

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