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5 Steps to a Really Clean Bath

When it comes down to having a nice bath, you don;t want to be washing yourself in a tub that is already dirty, do you? It’s easy to ensure that your bath is really clean, and working the cleaning of the bath in to your house cleaning

Cork Bathroom Flooring? Everything you Need to Know

Cork is a material which can be used in all premises of the home. It provides good covering and can make any room look more cosier and even stylish. The use of the cork in the bathroom, however, has been controversial for years because of the specifics

10 Steps to a Perfectly Tiled Bathroom

Every hardware store will tell you that tiling is easy, but it can be all too simple to buy into this myth. The last thing you need is a bad tiling job running the look of what would be a perfectly good bathroom. Your bathroom will more

Easy & Cheap Ways to Deal With Plumbing Problems

The pipes for water and waste are installed in homes by professionals and some jobs can only be done by professionals. Other repairs are simple enough for the lay person to complete independently, and it is perfectly legal for the home owner to try. Calling a plumber’s

Tackling the Bath – Logical Cleaning

If you love to take a bath, but hate cleaning it, then there may well be a few places in which you could be doing things a bit better. The fact of the matter is that few people do the cleaning in the more efficient way, and

Tile Installation in the Bathroom

Whether you have just moved in a new home, or it is time for a new look, selecting and installing tiles in your bathroom is one of the things you might want to consider as a do-it-yourself work. With a lot of money already sinking for buying

Cleaning Tips for Your Bathroom Sink

It seems like keeping your bathroom is an ongoing battle. There is nothing more repuslive than cleaning your hands in a dirty sink. No matter what you do this part of your bathroom always accumulate dirt. There is no way in which you can’t prevent the staining

Small Bathroom Design

Having a small bathroom can be really bothersome for some homeowners. Although bathrooms have doubled in size in the last years, some people do not have the luxury of big space. It can be quite challenging to make the best in that case, but often times the