Bathroom Sink Buying Tips

What will you work with when you pay for a good bathroom sink? This is a good question, but the answer is largely connected to the amount of money you spend on remodeling. Despite how much hype you see surrounding such matters, you will need to focus on performance and the materials involved. In most cases people are too impressed with the looks of a sink, thinking about its functionality and practicality only after that. You should however pay attention to the latter two, rather than its looks above all.

You should keep in mind that porcelain doesn’t really need to be the only material you work with. Steel and glass are also wonderful materials when it comes to a flow of style and shape in bathroom sinks. You can do well in picking such materials instead of the more traditional porcelain.
Bathroom Sink Buying Tips
Vessel sinks are an interesting, modernized approach to the usual bowl and pitcher, which sit on top of a cabinet or counter. You can find them in a good range of materials, from glass and stainless steel to many others.

Some of the new materials used in bathroom sinks today can be at the same price as regular porcelain, but quite a few are much better at resisting scrapes, spills and scratches than other materials. Most materials however have a weak point of their own. You should try to stick to a sink that goes under the countertop for a more sleek look. This will also make them much easier to clean overall.

Using glass can be a great type of material for your bathroom sink, especially since its easier to clean. Using nail-polish remover, drain cleaner and other won’t leave a mark on such tempered-glass surfaces. Heat and scouring won’t be a problem in most cases, but you should still consider that they are hardly as resistant as porcelain sinks.
Bathroom Sink Buying Tips2
Picking a sink with an under-mount will make your cleaning efforts a lot easier than they would be otherwise. They will be right below the counter, so there will be no lip or cracks where dirt may become a problem. They will cost a bit more than usual and do happen to be a harder task during installation. They will also require a waterproof countertop. You will need to consider the countertop first, then followed by the proper mount.

The last thing is considering the faucet, since the weight of the sink also plays a major role in what your choices may be. The faucet will need to extend well into the sink so water won’t drip on the counter when its used. Never choose a huge or long faucet for a smaller sink, since this will create too much splashing that can be avoided. Use a faucet with a PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) finish and warranty. They can easily imitate metals such as nickel, copper and the like while being more sturdy and long-lasting.

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